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Basket Planting Days 2021

Dear Loyal Customer and Members,

     We will be reaching out by phone early this week to  let everyone who have booked a spot we are canceling basket days.  We want to say thank you to everyone who had signed up or have signed up in the past to be apart of this event for your support.  We also would like to thank our staff who have put in long hours sense February transplanting and growing one of the biggest selections of annuals and perennials the business has ever offered in preparation for this event.  As you know we had made changes to the format for this event in order to comply with the new social distancing rules and the amount of people aloud in a workshop or gathering but we have decided at this time for the safety of our staff and our loyal customers to cancel for the time being.

      We currently have some lovely ladies employed that would love to plant your planters for you.  Our annual list will available online in the coming days, tell us what you’d like, either specifically with a plant list, or sun/shade colors preferred, and budget and we would love to plant your planters for only the cost of the plants.  We will then hold your planters till May long weekend and grow them in our heated greenhouse.   If you are interested, please call before you come for further drop off instructions

      We are also offering curb side pick up as well as delivery.  Watch are website for more details. Our vegetable seedling list has grown, for those looking to be more self sufficient!

      Local Nursery has been in business since 1965, under several different owners, names and management teams but the goal has always been the same, to produce quality, locally grown green goods for our local community. 

      Our hearts go out to everyone affected by the pandemic, whether it being directly affected by the sickness, the social isolation of quarantine and staying at home or the economic crisis its created from job losses and local business shutting there doors or for the front line staff preparing for what could be coming there way.  

     I know I can’t wait for the snow to melt; the pussy willows to appear and the gardening season to start!

Thank you for you continued support,

Justin & Mindy Bidewell

Local Nursery