Landscapers, Developers and Contracters

As a grower we offer a large inventory and competitive pricing for large projects.   We can supply shrubs, specimen and specialty trees, deciduous trees, conifer trees, annuals and boulders for large commercial projects.

We strive to only grow hardy vegetation that will survive in our northern Alberta Climate.

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- Call us : 780-987-9133 to request pricing and availability lists.

- Have specs to go over?   Email us at info@localnursery.ca or fax them too: 780-987-9170.  

- Need help reviewing your plans. If you’re in the area, bring in your drawings. We can offer solutions and provide a quote here.

- Working with a home owner? Send them in, our team of experts can help you walk them through choosing the product that’s perfect for them.



Tel. 780-987-9133

Fax. 780-987-9170

26515A Twp 514

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26515A Twp 514 (Woodbend Rd) Spruce Grove AB T7Y 1G1

Phone: 780-987-9133 - info@localnursery.ca

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