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Our Growing Guarantee

At Local Nursery we take pride in selling healthy nursery stock. However, transplant shock, incorrect watering, wind burn, and harsh weather elements can make your plants lose leaves and turn brown. In most cases they will recover with extra care. Before you declare your plant dead, please call us 780-987-9133. We will walk you through the steps to determine the viability of your plant and how to proceed with warranty. 

Our planting instructions provided to you at the time of purchase are formulated to prevent loss of plant material. We expect our customers to fully understand and comply with them. Your purchase must be planted in order to receive warranty. Correct watering is essential. Plants damaged by animals, weed wackers, or chemicals are not warranteed. If your plant has died we will replace or make an exchange UP TO THE PURCHASE PRICE of the plant. You must have the original register receipt. There are NO CASH REFUNDS.

(We do not warranty Cedars, Vines, and Perennials)

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